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Learning Sumerian?

There’s a sort of silly rule of thumb, that goes more or less like this

no matter what stupid search string you type in Google, you’ll find something you will feel the need to bookmark and check later

For instance: a friend of mine over at his blog, suggests that when we get asked

and what do you do?

we should reply

I study Sumerian magic

instead of “I write”, because we’d get more respect and consideration.

300px-Sumerian_MS2272_2400BCSo I go and do a quick search, to find the link to Teach Yourself Babylonian, that I am convinced my friend might be interested in1, and Google hands me the link for AN INTRODUCTION TO SUMERIAN LANGUAGE, that happens to be a free course on Wikibooks.
That, compared to the thirty or forty quids the Teach Yourself book would set me off, looks quite interesting.

And so here is the link.
Mind you, I am not saying I will learn Sumerian anytime soon.
But this free resource will certainly help with my forthcoming Aculeo & Amunet stories.

yes, I know – we that write for a living do some pretty stupid stuff in our downtime. 

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