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Lilly Longstreet (L.L.) had the kind of beauty that could stop a train; although if you were with Lilly, you should never be anywhere near a train!

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Today she was wearing a familiar black pants suit, with legs flared enough to cover medium heels, and a white blouse without the top three buttons in place. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were certainly enjoying the exposure! I saw no jewelry, other than her trademark black gemstone ring, and she was sporting the recognizable perfume that made sure she got noticed by anyone who had a nose!

‘Loose Lilly’ some people called her.  I ‘d never had more than a professional relationship with L.L; but I suspect Lilly knew her way around the bedroom – or any other secluded spot that met with her approval!

   “Where do you hide it?” I asked giving her the trademark Carson Reno smile.

   “Would you like to find out?” Lilly grinned.

   “Yes…probably, but I was just curious where you hide your little gun in that kind of outfit.”


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