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Loch Ness memories

Yesterday was a busy day. Work, grocery pick up, therapy, walking, and getting ready for dinner, etc.

Basically, I’m just now sitting down in my office to share a memory of Scotland. Will try to do another post tonight about what happened on the 12th. This story is from 8/11/2018.

This was our 2nd full day, but the first one where I did anything. The first day was arriving, then a train ride to Inverness, and crashing pretty early. Jet lag/not sleeping much meant the adrenaline finally said ‘you’re done!’ pretty early.

This was the day, 2 years ago, where I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to start a push button start car. That had the steering wheel on the right side of the car. Honestly, I fell in love with the start sequence. Leia, the car I bought last year, is this way. It took me a few weeks to not reach for keys, but I love it.

This was the Loch Ness day. I went around the south side. Most tourists go to the north side. A lot of single track roads, which gave me time to get used to driving on the wrong side.

There were a number of places where I could pull off and see the loch. The weather was perfect. Overcast, maybe in the low 70’s. There was one parking area that had a path leading to the water’s edge. I had to touch it. I really did. So, I parked the car and went down. And took one of my favorite photos of the entire trip.

It wasn’t the place my soul needed to hear, but the loch has a song. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear it. I know I did.


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