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Make your plans in silence

The most successful person is the one who put a curtain over her plans. Nobody knew what is going on, and suddenly stroke of luck hit her. 

For sure you heard about the spell of jealousy. 
If you say to someone that you like a guy, a bad energy can ruin your possible relationship. 
If you talk about a business opportunity, envy can ruin this in the start.

I know, it is hard to be quiet when you get a chance to make your life better. You want to share happiness with someone, you want to talk about what is going on. Imagine that you have a chance to be with love of your life, and suddenly it blew. Your confident person will ask what happened to your prince and you will have one problem more.

The things others don't know can't hurt you. Maybe you were dumped by someone and nobody knows. Maybe you failed at your work task and nobody knows. Your failures should stay buried and let success make a noise by itself.

Making plans in silence have an advantage.

Others will be surprised by the possible result and they will have no time to ruin this.

If your plan fails, nobody will know that it even existed.

If your plan fails, nobody will laugh at you because there is no proof that you did something.

Do you know about those relationships, when people say: "I did not know they are dating." These are the best relationships because they developed in silence. 

After I burned in private and business plans, I hardly say a word to anyone about me and my plans. I build, work, fix myself and make my steps. I learn, progress, fail, cry in silence. I don't believe and I don't brag until is over. 

Remember, those who care will not ask while you don't say them. Those who don't care would be happy if you fail. 
Original author: Kristina Gallo
The Sistine Chapel with crayons

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