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May All Your Days Be Merry and Bright!

Good morning!

I’ve got a short, 4 hour day at the retail job and then I’m off for 8 days. In that time, I plan to celebrate the holidays with my family, have some fun for my birthday, play some D&D (yes, there’s going to be at least 1 new story), take a lot of deep breaths, and write.

Regardless of the faith you follow, I hope the holiday season is a good one for you. Sometimes we celebrate with family. Others will celebrate with a family of their choosing. My hope is that, regardless of the who or why you get together, it’s a wonderful experience.

I do plan to do some fun things with ‘The Waystation Guardians’ series, and hope to get new covers done within the next month so they can get back up for sale. Depending on how well the words flow, I might even get the 4th installment finished before the end of January.

We shall see. I learned a long time ago that pushing the words doesn’t work for me.

Take a moment over the next few days and remind yourself of the good that surrounds you. We get bogged down in what we think are failures too often. Yet, if we take a few minutes to really look, we find that there’s more good around us than we realize.


Christmas Eve 2019
Merry Christmas!

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