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Middle aged women and millennials are bad combination

Before 2 days I got a message from a guy who is 20 years younger than me. I could literary give him birth. A kid is playing on Instagram and he bragged how milfs sent him messages. MILF's are women in forties who are hot, and hungry for pleasure, accord his words. He thought that he can start this kind of conversation with me. He pretended that he likes my books, even I know he did not read even a magazine. A millennial guy is busy by collecting followers and likes, he has no time for books, because that is boring and old-fashioned.

I always had a vision about real man as someone who doesn't spend much time in the virtual world, unless it gives him earnings. Real men are busy by making money and working, they are not young virtual gigolos who wait for desperate women to show them naked dicks. 
Yet, some brats ask for an easier way to get sex, virtual or real. They don't need a car to pick up a girl. They don't need money to buy her drink. All that they need is fast internet connection and women who are enough desperate to show their naked body parts to those who like to watch.

What is in mind of a millennial?

"She is older but still hot. Sure she got bored with her husband. I can give her excitement. "

What a middle-aged woman thinks?

"I am not as beautiful as I was young but I am still sexy. My husband doesn't pay attention to me so someone else will."

Time is a devilish thing. It means, time will not forgive you hours that you spent in meaningless talks and doing meaningless actions. I always thought to spend my time as best as I can, to do something useful. 

I pressed block, I have no time to explain. My 10 minutes is so valuable so I can wash dishes in these 10 minutes instead to explain basic things and principles of good behavior to some kids. These 10 minutes that I spent writing this text are also an investment. Someone will read and learn something. Women, if you fall on some immature charm, remember somewhere around is a real man who doesn't need Instagram to say that you are beautiful. 
Original author: Kristina Gallo
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