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Middle School begins for the kids

Summer has flown by, and the first day of school is here. Our summer actually was a week shorter as school is starting a week early this year in order for the kids to get out at the end of May instead of in June.

This past week before school was packed for me since I am PTA president at the Middle School, and there were events every day at the school – making copies, campus clean up, stuffing 1200 Welcome back packets, a staff breakfast and then student orientations.

I’m glad that week is done. And as much as I enjoy having the summers with Lexie and Jase, I am ready to get back to my normal routine.

This is Lexie’s first year at the middle school and Jase’s last year there. Yes, for this one year, I have the kids back at one school. It won’t happen again for another two years after this when Jase is a junior in high school and Lexie will be a freshman. Oh my! I can’t even think of them both in high school!

Lexie was up early this morning, a bundle of nerves as she got ready. Moving from elementary where you have one teacher to the middle school where you have 8 teachers is quite a change. But she has her brother to reassure her as they walk to school.

Now Jase wasn’t nearly as nervous as Lexie, but then again this is his third time starting at this school. And as an eighth grader, he is now “top dog” at the school. This will be his third year of orchestra. He is also taking debate, high school level health class and will be an office-aide for one semester.

Lexie’s two electives for this year are art (no surprise there) and AIM (a class teaching students to be organized, aware of current events and allowing them to do school work). Unlike Jase, Lexie is actually looking into the after-school clubs. She is considering either Cooking Club or Gamers Club.

And now the house is quiet. I’d like to say I can take a moment to enjoy it, but I have a long to-do list waiting for me and my writing to get back to which has surely suffered this month. In a short 8 hours from now, the kids will be home and eager to tell me about their adventures, so I had better get busy and use my free time wisely.

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