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Modesto Classic Comic-Con After Action Report

22829384_1643407572383541_4882964618223525045_oPhoto by Mandee Bratcher

Hi, everyone.  I’m home from Modesto, and just taking a moment to share my thoughts.

First — the staff at this event could not be nicer.  I have never met such a helpful group of people.

Sales were a little soft; I did okay on Saturday, but Friday and Sunday not so much.  That makes sense when you consider that Saturdays are generally the busiest con days, so not unexpected.

A highlight of Sunday was spending time with six other authors doing a panel.  We talked about our processes, what we loved about our work, how we stayed inspired, what took us out of a story as a reader, and more.  The audience was appreciative and asked some great questions.

And … for a change, there is a photo of me with my booth!  Thanks to Mandee Bratcher, who did a fabulous job taking photos of vendors and guests alike.  And no, it’s not your imagination:  I look tired.  Long drive, load-in with bay doors open on a hot day … and living with an autoimmune disease that makes body temperature regulation tricky … conspired against me a little bit.

Still, it was a great show overall and while I have to give it a miss next year due to scheduling a show the week before that will see me traveling to southern California, it’s one to which I’d be delighted to return.

Three evenings with the Green Man