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Month of thanks: DAY 14

Today I am thankful that I had so many good years with my aunt.  She left us in December of last year.  I didn’t realize her time was so short when I made last year’s thankful posts.  I am so grateful that I spent nearly every single Friday with her last fall.  It was no coincidence.  It was meant for me to be with her during that time.  It made letting her go a little easier, but nothing will ever fill the void she has left behind.

She understood the battle I face with mental health.  She faced those challenges, too.  She is the person who called me out regarding my eating disorder.  She was there when I found my first gray hair.  There are countless other things we experienced together, but the list is too long for me to even type out.

I miss her so much.  This Thanksgiving will be very challenging between Jim’s passing and hers.  I know they will be with us in spirit.

Tagged: death, loss, missing loved ones, Month of thanks
Kid’s books: bullies
Bow Down; What It Do by Natalya LaBauve.