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Month of Thanks: Day 7

Today I am thankful for my work as an author.  It was a lifelong dream of mine to write books.  I started writing when I was 16, but I was writing short stories and poetry long before then.  I submitted my first manuscript at 19, but was rejected.  I continued writing, but threw most of those typewritten manuscripts away.  In 2012 I published my first draft of The Fine Line.  It was terrible.  However, when I was picked up by a publisher, it was worth it.  Winning my independence as an author was even more rewarding.  I still love writing.  I have many books in my head as well as on my flash drive.  I will get to those eventually.  Writing has helped me deal with disappointment, but it also allowed me to put my education into practice.  I may not be a best seller, and I may never be, but it’s important to pat yourself on the back when you reach personal milestones.  So, today I am thankful for this accomplished dream.

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