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Mornings, A Halloween Tale

Writers Envy

Your heart is a sheet of cold, thin ice;
Spider cracks zigzag among open veins;
Eggshells scatter before my footsteps;
On my toes, I step between the cracks and crush the eggshells with my heels.

I peel away onionskin layers of you;
Vaporous particles explode into my eyes;
They stick to fingers and leave them numb;
With steel razor taut in my fist, I scrape the flecks of you away.

Stubborn remnants resist the rusty blade;
I ignore the flowing, spreading pool;
Pieces of you flail screaming in the crimson fluid;
The nightmare of our union fills my pounding head with boiling blood.

Tentacles of you die, then regenerate;
Lashing out, they wrap around my limbs;
I am helpless, tight-bound in your suction grip;
In the mirror, my reflection; I lather and shave the stubble away.

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