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Moving means more nontraditional decorations for my husband’s law firm

Last year, I wrote about my husband’s law office, and the non-traditional decorations (at least for a law firm). At the time he had seven employees and we thought he would be in that new expanded office for quite a while.

Well by April of this year, he had added two additional employees and was busting at the seams in his 8-room office. He had to get a bigger place. Luckily, his landlord had another nearby property and was willing to customize it to fit his needs. In June, he moved into a place with 11 offices, a break room, a conference room and a reception area.

We let each employee (except the receptionist) decorate their own office according to their own tastes (with the restriction of nothing nude or vulgar). But the rest of the place is up to my husband and I to decorate. We brought over all the items from the previous place, but with more walls, we had to buy (and still need to buy) more pictures.


There are two reception areas. The outer one will be shared by a neighbor and has furnishings provided by the landlord. There were no pictures on the wall or knickknacks on the tables. I took care of that with a trip to the At Home America store. I bought two pictures which worked with the mirror we had from the outer entry area of his last office. I still need a few more items for the tables, but it is already looking better.

Now once you enter his office, there is another reception area with his receptionist’s desk and two visitor chairs. On the back wall, we hung the law office sign we made a few years ago. We have also ordered two pictures of lady justices for one of the walls and are still trying to decide what goes on the other wall.

But it is the wall across from the receptionist that will garner the most attention. It is our movie clock wall.

Yes, these are vinyl clocks featuring different movies. There are 22 of them!

Superhero Hallway

In the old office, there was an Avenger hallway and a Batman hallway. Well, with this new office we have one long hallway. We started off with Batman.

Then right after the hall to break room, we move into the Avenger’s section. Again, we had to buy more prints from Etsy to fill in this longer wall. (Added four new prints for a total of 12.) And we still have our metal Avenger’s logo.

Conference Room

Our Indiana Jones themed conference room made the move with us, but the room got much bigger. We had to replace the 8-foot conference table with a 12 foot one. We have also added a few more display cases that will be filled with memorabilia and 3-D printed artifacts inspired from Indiana Jones movies.

Now there are two areas I haven’t covered. One is the hallway leading to my husband’s office which includes an open area by the employee entrance. I have suggested a Star Wars theme (like his office) but we haven’t gotten around to working on this one yet.

And the other room is the employee break room. On the hallway to this room, we have all the past firm group pictures. (No traditional, stuffy photos here.) On the opposite wall, I have an idea to put up a Scrabble tile display with all the employee names, but first I must convince my husband how cool this will look. As for the break room, we have a good plan for this and once it is done (hopefully by next week) I will share you the fun theme we picked for it.

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