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My Baby on #TantalizingTuesday. 1 Photo. 200 Words. 1 Story.

With his arms wrapped around me from the back, gently cupping my growing belly, I could almost sense an excitement stirring within me. Still, the nerves hold me back. What if I'm not a good mother? What if I can't do this?

The tiniest flutter of wings brushes inside and I can feel it in the palms of my hands. I press gently to the swell that grows larger every day and feel the movement. I feel the new life in my hands and wonder again if I am worthy.

"Was that the baby?" he asks. His voice full of awe and a joy I still can't fully embrace.

"You felt that?" It hardly felt strong enough but with his hands wrapped in mine, it shouldn't be a surprise. "That was the baby. It must be kicking."

"That's our baby, sweetheart. We are having a baby," he whispers in my ear softly.

The words are unnecessary because I've been experiencing the impeding moment for months now. But it isn't the words that matter. It's his unwavering certainty that this baby is a blessing. It's his delight in the gift we've been given.

It's those truths that I'll cling to until I can believe them for myself. Until the day I can believe in myself, grow confident in the idea that I could be a good mother, I'm going to hold on to his belief in me.

This man -the father of my child- is my rock. When his arms surround me and his warmth seeps into my skin, I am safe and loved and whole.
(c) Paloma Beck

1 Photo. 200 Words. 1 Story.
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