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My Better Half

Writers Envy

An attempt at light, airy lyrics. Hum it to any tune you please, then let me know if it makes you smile 🙂

I was passing the bodega
When you saw me in your glass
You smiled without turning
And I skipped a little dance
You pretended not to notice
But you still laughed anyway
And I made myself a promise
To pass there every day

In the hope that I would see you smile
In the hope I’d hear your laugh
It’s the hope of one of two of us
That you’ll be my better half

When I find myself alone
I look around for you
I peek around the corners
For the slightest glimpse of you
Although I never see you
I catch the faintest scent
The perfume that you’re wearing
Just makes my poor heart sweat

In the hope that I will see you smile
In the…

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