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My Catalan Love

Writers Envy

Susanna Avila, my Catalan beauty, woman of Spain.
Coy smile held mystery,
Unknowable history,
Too briefly our souls entwined;
This beauteous love, my destiny.

Soulful gaze, emerald eyes piercing,
Black hair dancing with night,
Skin purest translucent white,
Slender and graceful, slim elfin form,
Delicate, raven-haired sprite.

Ivory shoulders, smooth marble breast,
Face fairer than Venus’ race,
Spirit virgin, chaste,
Ethereal, supernal essence;
Tender, enchanting embrace.

Siren’s call, whisp’ry-throated angel,
Voice soft as down,
Evoked heaven’s sound;
Breath of attar a wisp-like dream,
Innocent, her laughter resound.

Rapturous touch, clasp of hands,
Gentle sweet embrace,
Loving sensual taste,
Touch of warmth, lips soft and tender,
Ballet, and two hearts in grace.

A flight to the heavens, she gathered me to her,
Her desire held me grasping,
Love free and lasting,
Passion enveloped and lifted me,
Joyful, peaceful, basking.

When last I looked upon Susanna, so breathless and still,
Eyes closed…

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