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My hero: overcoming fears

My dad was my hero in many ways. For one, he never tried to shelter me from new experiences. He wanted me to figure out my own way to solve problems. For example, if I fell, he wouldn’t rush to pick me up. As a child with a disability, I fell often, but Daddy knew he wouldn’t always be there to help. Isn’t it that way when you start a new venture?  You could have trouble at first, but then you sort it out.Another thing Daddy  said was  having courage didn’t mean not being afraid, but acting even when you felt that fear.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a champion rider and Daddy never discouraged me. Instead, he said, “You can do anything you want, if you persevere. Certain things will take longer.” He was right about some things taking a long time. For example, I rode for 6 years before even starting to jump. Looking at the tiny cross rail, it seemed as high as Pikes Peak. My horse should have worn glasses just to see the little jump. My lips quivered.”Daddy, couldn’t you make it a little lower,” I pleaded. But his response was, “If I make it lower, there’ll be nothing to jump.” Once the big white horse, Laddie and I successfully made it to the other side of the jump. I jumped around yelling, “Daddy, I jumped.” He kissed me to celebrate the first step in the long journey of overcoming fears to reach my goals.

What happened next? Practice and more practice. But six years later, I entered my first jumping class. Guess what? I felt so nervous I took two extra jumps. But things got better from there. Eventually Daddy, my hero, kept working with me until it was time for him to look for a special horse who would help me compete successfully in the big shows. Nothing would have been the same without my hero looking near and far until he found my beautiful, black horse, Fleet Nancy, nicknamed Peach. She and I accomplished amazing things, but we wouldn’t have reach any goals without my hero, my Dad who taught me to overcome fears and doubts if I wanted to realize my dream.

Whatever your dreams are, focus on them. Remember the struggles you endure to reach your goals make the victory more special. You can conquer your fears and begin a new adventure. Few things are impossible if you persevere.

copyright: 2018: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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