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My new book - The Seller of Sins

I am introducing my new book in the Amazon, "The Seller of Sins. " This is a story about passion and betrayal, but mostly about marriage between two people who felt alone even, they are together. This is not happily lived after the story, because many elements missing. They are without children, both are stubborn and both love their freedom. When a mysterious woman appears, they were already deep in problems, she just pulls it on the surface. If you love dark stories without prejudices, if you love soft erotica and drama, this is a book for you. Especially, the important part is in the virtual world where morals died, boundaries are erased and your real life is involved in illusions from the internet. 

Here is the link of the book:

From the preview: 

She was too weak for a fight with life’s obstacles, but death would cut off any chances to stay in the race.  Secretly, in the dark depths of her mind, she had wanted that thunder to hit her. She also craved for some drunk driver on the road to cross over and into her.
She wanted to hire high forces to finish her life, but what destiny had ever been sent here? This granny who had lost a daughter was a messenger. How had she come to be here?

Original author: Kristina Gallo
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