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My Plans for 2017 (including upcoming releases)

I think I’m way overdue for a blog post. If you happen to be one of my sponsors on Patreon, none of this will be news, but for everybody else, I thought I’d let you know what’s going on, and share my plans for 2017.

Coming May 22

The Well

First of all, in case you missed it, my novel The Well will be released in just ten days! This book does have a romantic subplot, but it’s less romance, and more paranormal suspense.

It’s funny, because it seems like every single time I write a book that isn’t a traditional contemporary romance, some review site always says, “This is Marie’s first departure from contemporary romance.”


Just for the record, my first “departure” from contemporary romance was all the way back in 2010 when I published One More Soldier, which was set during the Vietnam War. My first “departure” into scifi/fantasy was Song of Oestend, in 2011, which was sort of like steampunk set in a paranormal AU Old West. So I’m a bit confounded when I see “professional” review sites claiming Winter Oranges or Release were my first “departure” from contemporary. They weren’t. Fully one-third of my backlist consists of “departures” from my supposed “norm.”

But, I digress. Let’s just say, The Well is yet ANOTHER departure from my “normal” contemporaries. It’s a contemporary setting, but it also involves a haunted house, a team of professional paranormal investigators, and an unsolved missing person case.

Don’t worry. It’s also a story of reunited first loves.  

It’s available for preorder now. You can find all of those details here.


It’s possible (although not definite) that three other authors will be writing follow-up stories set in the same town as The Well. If that happens, you will undoubtedly see Haven, Pierce, and Jordan again. But… I can’t really say for sure yet whether that will happen or not.

Other WsIP

(Read on for news on what else I’ve been working on.)


Epic Space Story Starring Wonderfully Codependent Brothers

I recently finished up a first draft of an epic space novel, co-written with Cari Z. It’s far from being finished though. It needs a lot of revisions. After that, I have no idea if it will be published, or by whom, or even what it will be called. It also includes a romantic subplot, but the real story is about a pair of twin brothers who have a wonderfully complicated relationship.

The Failed Heretic Doms Club

This project will take some explaining, so bear with me.

Once upon a time, Shotgun was supposed to be set in Tucker Springs, not Coda. In that first version, Lamar was a professor at Tuck U. He was being stalked (just like in Shotgun), and in the very first chapter, a cop showed up to take the report of his car having been vandalized.

The problem?

That cop (whose name was Gray) was determined to get Lamar into bed. Not since Angelo have I produced such a hard-headed character. Every time Gray showed up, he tried to seduce Lamar. So, I made him a deal. I promised to write him a story, where he’d get an HEA with Lamar’s ex (who, in that version, was a rich-boy college student). I even started the story, although I only wrote a few scenes, just to get Gray off my case.

Well, Shotgun kept stalling. Then Tucker Springs ended. I picked up the entire story and moved it to some fictional town in Oregon. (Hence, all that rain in the first chapter, which really doesn’t fit in Colorado, but whatever.) Still, the story went nowhere.

At some point, somebody suggested I move the story to Coda. I balked at first. I didn’t want to go back to Coda. But then, I re-imagined that first chapter with Matt instead of Gray, and suddenly, everything fell into place. Matt would never try to seduce Lamar, but he gave me a perfect excuse to introduce Lamar to Angelo. And so Shotgun was eventually moved to Coda, finished, and released.

But What About Gray?

One of the pictures that comes up when you google “naughty male cop.” (But you have to put “male” in there, or it’s nothing but women for PAGES.)

Meanwhile, Gray and his college-student boyfriend languished in my “trunked” folder until early this year, when I needed something to share on Patreon. I pulled out what I had — mostly sex with mild BDSM elements — and I started wondering whether I could make it into a story.

Shortly after that, I realized I also have this *other* abandoned story involving a pharmacist. That story also had mild BDSM elements, so it occurred to me I could put my pharmacist in Gray’s story (in the spot previously occupied by Lamar), and I’d have two books set up for a new contemporary series. Seemed like a good idea.

Over the next few weeks, I kept banging my head against Gray’s story line. I decided to take Gray in a really rebellious direction, and I still intend to do that. But then I started thinking even grittier. I switched Gray’s love interest, turning him from a spoiled rich kid into a very damaged young man who’d been turning tricks. That story had real traction, and I added more and more to it in my head over the next few days. Except — for reasons I’ve already forgotten — Gray couldn’t be a cop anymore. In short, I’d moved so far away from that original concept of Gray that I eventually realized I now had a THIRD story to add to my new series:

Rebellious Gray and the college kid The pharmacist and the doctor My new character and the damaged whore

Time to Jump In

So, I sat down and started writing. I started with the last story I’d come up with — the new character, and the damaged rent boy. And holy cow, did I take off running. I wrote 30,000 words in three days. For me, that is EPIC.

Of course, I could never keep up that pace for long. I had all kinds of personal stuff come up, so the story still isn’t finished. It’s currently sitting at about 58k, and it’s probably 2/3 finished. I think it will either be called Cherished, or One Man’s Trash. Haven’t decided for sure. It’s quite dark and gritty and raw and sexy. I hope to release it late in the summer, but only time will tell.

Whatever it ends up being titled, it will be the first in a four-book series, with the other three books being the doctor and the pharmacist, Gray and the rich boy college kid, and their fourth friend (Charlie) with … somebody I haven’t met yet. The series will be called The Failed Heretic Doms Club.

Other Upcoming Releases

Due to Samhain closing, there will also be a  re-release of Family Man. I’ll share more details on this once I have them. At the moment, I only know it will happen eventually, and will probably include audio. And speaking of audio, Damned If You Do and The Well will also be available on audio very soon.

That’s about it. I’ll share more news as soon as I have it.

Outside of the Book World

Some of you know I lost my dog a couple of weeks ago. That’s been hard, but I’m starting to be a bit less aware of the dog-sized hole in my home.

Summer vacation is right around the corner. It starts in exactly two weeks. After that, my daughter will be heading off on a class trip to Florida. Holy cow. She’s getting so grown up! After that, I’m taking her to VidCon in Anaheim in June. If anybody else is planning to be there, please let me know! I’ll mostly be hanging out in the bar while my daughter attends the con. Then in August, we have a trip to Yellowstone planned with the whole family, just in time for the eclipse.

I won’t be at GRL this year, or Denver Pride. Actually, I won’t be anywhere, really, except for hanging with the fam.

So there’s my summer in a nutshell. 🙂

As always, thanks so much for your ongoing support! I really appreciate it. I hope you have a fabulous summer.


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