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My Restless Host

Writers Envy

The rain is come, the day is drear,
I must be dreaming of you dear;
It’s days like this, I treasure most,
Floating echoes of my restless host.

When we met, I found my muse,
Sheltered by whispered I love you’s;
Shrinking from, the spilling clouds,
I pulled you from the phobic crowds.

Purposeless, and aimless thought
In my arms your love is caught;
Your heart beats fast, for me I think
Cold empty stare, your eyes don’t blink.

The vicissitudes of your love can’t
Change the way your heat burns me;
The melancholies of your heart
Encourage me to set you free.

Wind breathes gentle, across my neck
Your lips are soft, but derelict;
Your mind is lost, among the stars
I wonder just how far you are.

You’re afraid, to bare your soul
Expose your heart, your love unfold;
I miss you love, despite the fear,
I can’t…

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