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"Mystery, Intrigue, Heartache, #Romance, + Suspense...Had me up all night" New #Book #Review! #amreading

One fateful night tore them apart...
will they get a second chance
before a killer strikes?
Not many things make me smile more than hearing a reader couldn't put my book down and stayed up late to keep reading...I love when I find a book that does that to me, even if I don't love how I feel in the morning!  But we readers know how amazing it is to fall into a story so hard we just have to know what happens next.  So when I hear that about my own books, I do a happy dance for my characters, because they are absolutely real to me, and I've managed to make them, and their fate, real to others.

I'm linking the entire fabulous review from Sincerely Karen Jo here.

A few of my favorite quotes:

"Kathryn Knight amazingly mixed mystery, intrigue, heartache, romance and suspense in an emotional and gripping story that had me flipping through the pages and staying up all night."

"I found myself captivated throughout the entire time..."

"my heart ached and broke into pieces.  I rooted so hard for Mal and Dean to have their HEA..."

"a wonderful story about taking risks, forgiveness, friendship, living in the moment, hope and love."

Reading Review Wars on Dangerous Currents

Please check out the entire review here, and if this steamy second chance romance filled with secrets and suspense sounds intriguing, grab your copy, put your feet up, and get lost in Mal and Dean's story!  You can find DANGEROUS CURRENTS on Amazon, B&N, and iTunes.

N.N. Light's Book Heaven on Dangerous Currents

Happy Reading!
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