It’s the holiday season, and I’m giving away FREE AUDIOBOOKS! But like Santa, I’m basing your present on whether you’ve been naughty or nice. ? How do you play? Simple! If you think you should get the “nice” prize (an audiobook of Winter Oranges), post something nice in the comments. If you think you need the “naughty” prize (audiobook of One Man’s Trash), post something naughty. There are, however, a few RULES:

NICE: I’m looking for stories that give us the warm fuzzies. I want things that help restore our faith in humanity. People being nice to other people, or to animals, or… whatever. These don’t have to be personal stories (although they can be). You don’t have to tell the whole story here – linking to an article, a tweet, or even an Instagram or Pinterest post is fine. Just share something that will make us all smile.

NAUGHTY: Yes, we all know humans are capable of some pretty bad behavior. I’m NOT looking for stories about people behaving in cruel, malicious, and/or criminal ways. Posting about the latest public figure accused of sexual misconduct is NOT what I want, and will not count as an entry. For this particular contest, we want the FUN kind of “naughty.” Think of Simon’s Cat – notoriously naughty, but also funny as hell. (Good example:…). Or, you could go with the SEXY kind of “naughty” (just keep it within FB’s rules, so you don’t get in trouble with the FB police!). These posts should make us laugh, or maybe swoon – not remind us how shitty people can be. (We’re all aware, really. We don’t need reminders here.)


You can enter here on my blog, or here (on Facebook). The first word of every entry should be either “naughty” or “nice,” just so there’s no confusion. TWO ENTRIES allowed PER PERSON (just in case you’re feeling both naughty AND nice). Don’t like audiobooks? No problem! Winners can choose to receive an ebook of the book instead. I’ll choose several random winners (of both the naughty and nice variety) on Friday, December 15.


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