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Psychotic Massiahs, a typewriter as God, Legless men in a Rickshaw race have religious testimonials, God punishes the east Coast of America with sand storms for being too evil….These are just some of the stories in this strange and haunting collection about fringe religions and bizarre revelations in ABERRANT GOSPELS.
A fresh batch of deep fried horror just for you. Better hurry and grab yourself a serving, because it’s going fast. People are loving the deep fried horror and for good reason. Deadman’s Tome offers a chilling horror and gripping thrillers at a low, low price so you get the right bang for your buck!Featuring a little something from Gil Valle AKA The Cannibal Cop and Kristopher Triana
You’ve heard the story, haven’t you? You know, the one about the haunted house a few streets over that’s infested by demon voodoo rats? What about the monster who comes out on dark and stormy nights in the town you grew up in, searching for a new skin to wear and a young child to devour as its next meal? 
Every town has them – urban legends and ghost stories. They’re all local variations of the same tales, passed down from generation to generation. Stories of spooks and specters, monsters and demons, town curses and places that, for whatever reason, you just shouldn’t go. In these pages, you’ll find spins on some of my favorite childhood scary stories, as well as some local variations I’ve heard during my travels throughout the Appalachians and southeastern United States. There are stories of changelings and witches, cursed towns and haunted mountains.
I know what you’re thinking. Monsters aren’t real. Witches can’t shapeshift. Grandma isn’t really any different…or is she? 
Sometimes it’s best to head the advice given in those old familiar stories. After all, they’ve been around longer than you. What does it hurt to believe them, anyway? It may be the safer option.
As the old Sherpa saying goes – Maybe true. Maybe not true. Better you believe….
Germany 1944
With a fondness for the occult and a thirst for absolute power, Hitler wanted mythical creatures and legendary monsters to join the German War Machine. The Fuhrer made it clear that he wanted the SS to explore every nook and cranny to find these ancient beasts in hopes that they could master them.
Closing in on something big, German exhibitionists explored an ancient ruin in Damascus hoping to find an ancient monster that the SS could master. They’ve heard rumors of ancient golems, blood thirsty vampires, and demented were-bunnies, and what they found…
What they found, however, was that the monsters that they sought for were not the type that could be mastered.This collection consists of ten tales of monsters of various kind and origin slaying NAZIS. These stories are meant to be over-the-top. Some are silly, some are very dark, while others are just bizarre. traditional hunting trip on 
opening day. Some bad weather.

And something very bad in the woods.

Venturing out in spite of the 
weather, things quickly turn bad
for Frank Vaughn, his two best 
friends, and his son, Cory. They
thought they were keeping 
tradition, but when they 
stumble upon something 
they were never meant to see, 
they are suddenly thrust into a 
desperate, chaotic fight for their lives.

Those who trespass want to be left alone.
A horror, thriller, but with a sense of humor and cynicism one would expect from bikers. Get ready to read zombie stories loaded with people want from a zombie story. Zombie apocalypse from the perspective of some down and dirty rough riders.
If the image of a leather clad biker shooting zombies with a sawed-off shotgun gets your attention, then this book is what you need. If the sight of the hot Mad Max wasteland does something for you, then you’ll enjoy this book. If you enjoy watching a good and dirty bar fight, then continue reading. Bikers VS The Undead is loaded with testosterone, leather, whiskey, with a crap ton of rotters in the mix.“Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” – Matthew 26:41
A woman beaten and nearly broken by her stepfather’s horrific cruelty finds revenge by making the bloody transition from submissive to master. A serial killer discovers an adoring fan, who is determined to get them both caught. A writer is plagiarized, but he doesn’t take it sitting down. Instead, he pens another bloody, thrilling masterpiece. A woman’s weakness for extreme BDSM sexual encounters sets in motion a horrifying sequence of events. At the end of the day, we’re all just two things: Flesh and blood. Everyone gives into temptation eventually.
This collection of thrilling, suspense with elements of erotika and extreme depictions of bondage, sadism, and masochism. This book is for those that enjoy a suspenseful thrilling with erotic encounters. are we drawn to conspiracies? Is it because that beneath the layers of fabrication and gossip lies an element of truth? This book contains ten stories that explore several conspiracy theories such as MK Ultra, lizard people, manufactured suicides, and shadow people. The book also contains leaked communications between politicians and known terrorists, and a report regarding current top secret North Korean operations on US soil. Be advised the stories in this book are based on real horrific events.
Weekend Reads: “Rue Toulouse”

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