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New Year – and a return visit by Susan Lynn Solomon

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a great Christmas, and 2018 is working out well so far. Did you make a New Year resolution? More to the point, are you keeping to it? I like to keep mine loose and general – get a bit fitter, finish a novel – and my deadline is December 31st, so I have plenty of room for slippage and making up.

I have however resolved to keep this blog going during 2018, and have a few things lined up, including – for those of you who have time to read, but no money post Christmas to buy books, a series of tasters and free downloads of my own work during January and February. I also have a number of author interviews lined up, not least with the winner of the Richard and Judy search for a best seller competition, Caz Frear, on January 31st, and with fellow authors from the Solstice publishing house stable earlier in the month.

First up, and a treat for those who like a good who dunnit for a winter evening’s entertainment, I have more from Susan Lynn Solomon, who first appeared on this blog in August 2017. Her latest book, ‘Twas the Season, can help prolong that festive feel-good glow.

Suzy Sol -Twas the Season Cover“How do I get involved in these things?” Emlyn Goode asks.   It’s Christmas Eve. Instead of singing carols around a fire, Emlyn and Roger Frey are at the historic Echo Club for the Niagara Falls police precinct’s annual holiday celebration. Tonight there will be good food, dancing, and time with friends. A joyous night—that is, until the body of a man Emlyn knows too well is found in the Club’s stairwell. Now she refuses to rest until she figures out who killed him, and why.                                                                                                    But, each time Emlyn’s gotten involved in a murder, the killer has come after her. Can she find a clue in her ancient relative’s Book of Shadows before that happens again?

Social Media Links for Susan Lynn Solomon @susanlynnsolom1

 Links to her books

‘Twas the Season: The Magic of Murder: Dead Again: The Day the Music Died:

About the Author

 Formerly a Manhattan entertainment attorney and a contributing editor to the quarterlySuzy 1 art magazine SunStorm Fine Art, Susan Lynn Solomon now lives in Niagara Falls, New York, the setting of many of her stories.

Since 2007 her short stories have appeared in a number of literary journals. These stories include, Abigail Bender (awarded an Honorable Mention in a short romance competition), Ginger Man, Elvira, The Memory Tree, Going Home, Reunion, Yesterday’s Wings, Smoker’s Lament, Kaddish, and Sabbath (nominated for the 2013 Best of the Net). A collection of her short stories, Voices In My Head, has been released by Solstice Publishing.

Susan Solomon is also the author of the Emlyn Goode Mysteries. A finalist in M&M’s Chanticleer’s Mystery & Mayhem Novel Contest, and a finalist for the 2016 Book Excellence Award, her first Emlyn Goode Mystery novel, The Magic of Murder, has received rave reviews, as has the novelette, Bella Vita, and the novel, Dead Again, which is a finalist for the 2017 McGrath House Indie Book of the Year Award. In the latest Emlyn Goode Mystery novelettes, The Day the Music Died, and now in ‘Twas the Season, Ms. Solomon once again demonstrates that murder can have sense of humor.

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