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News from the Frontier

I will admit that Tales from the Frontier is not the hottest title I ever dreamed up, but after all, the series was born in such a sideways way, I think it’s sort of OK to go with the flow. If nothing else, the title describes what’s inside the box.

tales from the frontier title splash

To recap…
The setting took shape in a test I did to contribute to a roleplaying game sourcebook. I had a limited number of words to provide some color. I imagined a mountain area on the border between almost-Mughal-India and not-exactly-Tang-China, and took it from there.
patreon_iconFrom that 500-words snippet came the first story of the Frontier, The Demoness with White Hair, that I wrote in English and I shared with my Patrons.
I also did an Italian version for my Italian Patrons.
They liked it – both in Italian and English.

Then I wrote a second story of the frontier, The Last House of the Valley as a one-sitting, online public writing event – I wrote it in Italian, and my friend Hell edited it, and then I translated it in English, and again I shared it with my Five Bucks Brigade Patrons1.
Again they liked it.

So now I had a series in my hands, whether I liked it or not.
I might as well give it a name, and then start doing it seriously…

And here’s the rub – the Tales from the Frontier are quirky and impromptu and the closest thing I do to free jazz improvisation. And I want to keep it like that.
Because it helps keeping it fresh.
I set a time limit – that automatically imposes a word-count – and pick a theme or an idea, and then go from there.
So, OK, seriously, but without taking it seriously.1058017
Keep it like a vacation, an exercise, something special.

And now I have a third story – it is called The Waterfall’s Wife, and I’ll share it with my Patrons… tomorrow, probably.
As I said, a proper series in the making.
I’ve been also told I should work a little on the packaging. Something a little more ‘zine-like.
I’m working on it but remember, I’m graphically helpless.

Anyway – looks like the Frontier has more tales to tell.
And this makes me happy.
Hope it makes my Patrons happy, too.
Being my Patrons is good.

this is the story that was cancelled by an “anonymous” who abused his privileges as a guest to our event. The classic reaction against creativity on the part of the creatively impaired. Deleting a text is a lot easier than writing or editing it. 
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