Ah, baby fever – the intense desire some women (and men) get to have a baby.

Some people may never feel this. Some parents have one baby and know they are done. Others have two, three, four or more kids and can never seem to shake that desire to have one more. And that desire is often fueled by seeing other women with their newborns.

I know quite a few moms that hold someone else’s newborn (or even just attend a baby shower) and get that wishful look on their face even if they know they are done having babies.

Nope. Not me.

For the longest time, I didn’t want to have children. I think the fear of childbirth was a major put off. But after we decided to have a baby and Jase came along, I knew that I would want one more. I grew up with a sibling and couldn’t imagine Jase not having one.

That led us to having Lexie almost 3 years later. But after I had her, I never again suffered from baby fever.

I see a newborn and can think they are cute, but in no way do I want one. While there are things I liked about being pregnant such as the first flutter movements of the baby, I didn’t relish the big belly or recovering from a c-section. And then there are the newborn days – the constant demands and sleepless nights. Yes, there are those great milestones and cute baby gurgles and giggles but nope, I am done with that stage of my life and have no regrets about that.

This topic came up between my husband and I last week when we went to a going away party for one of his employees. The employee’s wife had a baby in May, and they are now moving back to California to be close to family.

Of course, everyone gathered around the baby, gushing as one does with new babies. And you could see it, that look of desire, on a couple of the women’s faces. They miss their kids at this stage. And they want another one.

But while I think the baby was cute, I don’t envy the parents in that all-consuming baby stage of parenting. No more diapers or diaper bags for me. I am glad to be done with that stage.

Jase and Lexie are now 14 and 11. I like that you can have conversations with them and that they don’t need constant care. I like that we can leave them at home which allows my husband and I some alone time to go out to dinner or run to the store.

So, when I see baby, I don’t mind making the appropriate remarks on how cute he or she is. I actually do like going shopping for baby items and just recently began making some special onesies for the employee’s new baby. But want one again?

No way. I’d rather be the veteran mom who hands out advice as well as handing back the baby to its mother to resume enjoying my snack (uninterrupted) while watching funny videos and planning our next vacation.

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