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no-wasted-ink-writers-links-logoWelcome back to writing links here at No Wasted Ink.  As usual, there are plenty of general writing tips to look through, plus a couple about marketing your books.  Enjoy!

7 Clever Strategies for Harnessing Coincidences in Fiction

Taking Care of Business: The Writer’s Edition

Do You Have Sloppy Writing Habits? (And 4 Things to Do About It)

How to Write a Great Story…in 18 Holes

Fatal Flaws: Why Your Story is Falling Apart & How to Fix It

Five Ways Gods and the Afterlife Change a Fantasy Setting

Distribution: Should You Go Wide or Narrow?

5 Things Re-Editing Your Older Work Can Teach You

Elevator Pitch. Anytime. Anywhere.

How Writing Therapy Can Help You Heal

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