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Nontraditional decorations for my husband’s law firm

A little over six years ago, my husband decided to go out on his own as an attorney. He got a little office near our house. We decorated it with Star Wars pictures and memorabilia. A few months later, he got an assistant. Fast forward to today and he has seven employees – two attorneys, two paralegals, a law clerk, a receptionist and an office assistant. (This doesn’t include the person who does his invoicing and financial matters – that’s me.)

As his office has grown in number of people, it has also grown from that little one room office to an 8-room office with a small reception area. This is his fourth expansion/move. More room means more walls to decorate. Now we let each employee decorate their office as they see fit. But that still leaves us with the halls, the reception area and the conference room.

Entry Area

My husband represents cities, counties, hospital districts and other governmental boards, so he doesn’t have many clients coming to the office. With this latest move, he lost the seating in his reception area and only has enough room for the reception desk. Luckily, he has the conference room for any clients or anyone else who comes into the office.

A few years ago, we made this sign for his law office. It now is the first thing you see when you enter.

On the hall to the right that leads to that conference room, we have hung the group pictures of his firm. No distinguished pictures here.

I also love the galaxy picture that we bought from Amazon for the other wall across from the firm group photos.

Avengers Hallway


This is one of the original hallways from when he first moved from the one-room office to a four-room office. We decorated it with Avengers prints from Etsy, including this one of Loki. (I can’t guarantee any of these link will work in the future but they do as of August 2018.) With his recent expansion, we also added this 3-foot metal Avenger’s logo – and it lights up! (Also found on Etsy here.)

Batman Hallway

Since we had a Marvel/Avenger’s hallway, we decided we needed to do something from DC Comics. We originally wanted to make a Batman-themed conference room, but we never got around to doing that before his latest expansion. So, we decided we could do the other hallway with Batman!

All the items were bought off Etsy. Here are the links for each: Starry Night Batman, Batman watercolors, and 5-panel Batman canvas.

Movie Wall

What to do with the 12’ wide wall across from the receptionist’s desk puzzled us for a few weeks. Then when looking at some various photos of offices, I saw this picture of four or five clocks in a row that showed the time in different locations. That inspired this…

Yes, these are vinyl clocks featuring different movies. There are 22 of them! Wow!

These all can be found on Etsy or Amazon – just search vinyl wall clock. There are designs of TV shows, movies, singers, video games, cities – basically something to fit any room decorating scheme.

Conference Room

And this brings us to our conference room. As I said, we at one time wanted to decorate it with a Batman theme but that never happened. Before our latest renovation, we had a little more room in our reception area. My mother-in-law decorated it in an Indiana Jones theme. We decided to move this theme to the conference room.

As you can see, this is not your traditional, stuffy law office. Heck, even the dress code is casual here with employees wearing jeans and bunny slippers! (Well, they do wear suits to court and other “official” business.) But the rest is ultra-casual.

The Fallen Series

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