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Nuclear War, yay

Angela L. Lindseth

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I have an unnatural curiosity for anything atomic. In the nineties, I worked at several nuclear facilities including  Rocky Flats Plant north of Golden Colorado and therfp-e1515939813368.pngNevada Test Site. My job was conducting remediation (hazardous/radiological waste cleanup) studies. The facilities themselves had been retired, but decades of men with practically unlimited funding left scars on this earth that will be here eons after our species is extinct.

Isn’t that a happy thought?

I’ve walked the rim of a test crater. I inspected abandoned five-story warehouses that used to house test weapons. I helped tear down the EPA Farm where they tested radionuclides on animals for decades.

Fuckers even did tests on beagles. BEAGLES!

I’ve seen the effects, but I would take a dose to see a mushroom cloud. The destructive supremacy is intoxicating to me. Just think what it must be like for narcissistic, control freaks like Donald and…

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