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Observations of the Republican Convention

Watching the Republican Convention, the banner at the bottom of the page caught my eye stating the vote to nominate Donald Trump was a historic event. I think that is a true statement. It is historic because of the largest vote total in the history of the Republican Party and that is very revealing. Trump has also rallied the country and is exposing the corruption inside the beltway.

If you listen to all the pundits and “experts,” they all said Donald Trump could never be elected. Then when he began getting traction, they (the establishment Republicans and Democrats) all began to pile on him using every slimy (and corrupt) trick they could come up with just to keep him from winning. Mr. Trump rallies the nation and garners an overwhelming number of votes to become the nominee of the Republican Party. Why? Because he talked from the heart and to the people.

Republican Party officials have long stated publically that they want to grow the party. Notice I said “publically.” Trump’s following is massive and the envy of those officials. So, why have they tried to keep him out? He did not take the money and become beholding to the benefactors, he was honest, answered questions directly (a big no-no for career politicians), and he has shined a lot of light on those same career politicians and the corrupt process. He is bringing into the light the difference of what these self-serving people say in public to get your vote or support and what they really do. I believe these career people are fearful that he is going to end their lucrative gravy train.

One would think that when the gorilla enters the room, with the majority of the country behind him like Trump has, the politicians would straighten up and support Trump. Nope! I think they are too arrogant and are in denial. That was quite obvious last night. When it was time for the party leaders to speak—Senate Majority Leader (Mitch McConnell), Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan), and House Majority Leader (Kevin McCarthy)—it was “stompy feet time.” I used the term “leader” here, as that is part of their title. None of the three mentioned Trump; their orations were about them and typical political speak. No one was listening to them. The silence was deafening. They just droned on. I actually thought Mr. McConnell was a robot. He read the teleprompter. Check! So, what does this tell you? They refuse to acknowledge the gorilla in the room. Tonight will be another must watch event. I am sure the enthusiasm, which we haven’t seen since President Reagan, will be just as high. The one speaker I want to see is Mr. Ted Cruz. Is he going to endorse and support Donald Trump or commit political suicide? We’ll find out tonight. My bet is tonight will be the end of Mr. Cruz. Sorry Ted!

Next week will be the riveting and ultra-exciting Democratic Convention. Not! I have a new box of toothpicks—to shove in my eyes. It is going to be painful! I will tune in, as I am curious about how much excitement Crooked Hillary has garnered. The Crime Family will have every minute of next week strictly scripted and show Hillary in the best light. It will take a lot of light! I wonder if she got a new wardrobe from North Korea for this event? Surely, she used the discount coupons Kim Jong-un sent.

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