They say we should always steal from the best, and they are right. Case in point: writer and game designer Shanna Germain has just launched her Patreon page, and among the perks she is offering to her Patrons there is a curated collection of cool stuff – free or inexpensive – that she likes, and that she thinks her Patrons might like too.

And that’s a great idea, and one worth stealing.
After all, I already do something similar with the Karavansara University and in Italian with my strategie evolutive book club, and a weekly collection of cool stuff for my Patrons sounds like the perfect thing to expand my Patreon offer.
I might call it Odds and Ends.

So, here’s the plan: starting this weekend, I will post a list of cool stuff on Patreon. My basic 1 buck supporters will get two per month, everybody else will get four.
I will list cheap or freee ebooks I feel you should read, online content you might like, videos on youtube and elsewhere, the odd smartphone app, book and game bundles, odds and ends. Five or more items, ideally, every weekend.

The first Odds & Ends will be posted in 36 hours.
Look out for it if you are my Patrons, and think about it if you are not.

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