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One new and one revised book

I’m delighted to report… several things.

INCREMENTAL is to be published on the 6th October 2018 by LL-Publications An updated version of How to Win Short Story Competitions by me and Dave Haslett has been released today I am reading Claire North’s clever body swapping novel, TOUCH, and she wrote the sky having the colour of “a two-day bruise.” Another phrase I might have to steal.

1)INCREMENTAL is a collection of 25 short stories I’ve written over several years but mainly in the last 12 months. They are slightly mad, surreal tales with an incremental element to them. ie. something grows or is added to each day, or other unit of time. For example a pothole doubles in size daily. You’ll be amazed how soon a country can be swallowed… then the world… then… Another story has a sound, heard globally, increase in volume by a decibel every day. I loved dreaming up these stories and had trouble not laughing too much while writing them.

The publisher of my ARIA trilogy is publishing it on October 6th 2018. It would have been my mum’s birthday. She joined me to the Children’s Science Fiction Book Club when I was an infant, an act that kickstarted my interest in “What-if?” tales of the possible and the bizarre.

2) HOW TO WIN SHORT STORY COMPETITIONS is written by two judges of fiction: Dave Haslett and myself. We’d met in an Exmouth hotel, recorded a long conversation about this topic and this is the edited transcript. There are two short stories in the book.

Here’s me and Dave chatting about the book.











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