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One Year on Patreon

I am preparing an online archive of all the contents I shared with my Patrons in my first year on the platform. Patreon is an excellent service, but it does not allow an easy search and retrieval of previous contents – so new Patrons might have a hard time getting the old stories I shared.

In 2018, my Patrons had the dubious pleasure of reading:

One Night at the Circus (Urban Fantasy)

The Tales from the Frontier (Oriental Fantasy):
 . The Demoness with White Hair
 . The Last House in the Valley
. The Waterfall’s Wife

She Who Mauls, A story of the Contubernium (Historical Fantasy) 

Funeral Point (urban fantasy)

The Chopping Squad (horror novella)

The Annotated Imaginary Girls – season #1
 . Sara
 . Lucy
 . Tamara
 . Alice
 . Michelle
 . Cheryl
 . Livia

All of these stories were made available both in Italian and English.
My Italian Patrons also got 

the Burning Typewriters Story (science fiction)
Dracula: The Duel (dark fantasy)

Plus articles, behind the scenes, artwork, development notes and what else. AND discounts or free copies for all the ebooks I self-published.

Now all the stories will be revised, turned into handy PDF and uploaded somewhere easy to browse. I’m open to suggestions, by the way.

Once this is done, I’ll start working on the new material and on a general revision of my Patreon page, to make it more pleasant and easier to access.
As they say, it’s good to be my Patrons.

Fellow Author with Hy Brasil, Island of Eternity

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