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Our Biggest Problems and the Circle of Solutions

All throughout our lives, we often find ourselves faced with challenges we know not how to overcome. They sometimes come without warning. They sometimes come as an unrelenting series of catastrophes that are seemingly impossible to conquer. Perhaps this is because we have no system in place to prevail against the problems that ail us. We go through life without a drop of strategy in our actions. This can only ever lead to ruin. In a world that values order and reason above all else, to live with only disorder and emotion is nigh insanity. Thus, it is important we tackle our greatest challenges with an established process that may help us in our endeavors. And it is one of these processes I strive to explain today so that fewer people have to live their lives in constant fear of the struggles on the horizon.


We may envision all possible solutions to any possible problem as a single circle. All around this circle would be a sea of black, and there could be no telling where this black space would end and color would begin. Yet, as gradually as could be, colors would start appearing. As one looked closer and closer to the center of the circle, one would see all the colors of creation, blended together like a more fluid form of a color wheel. Each and every shade of these colors would be represented, and each and every point on our hypothetical circle would be slightly different than the points surrounding it. They would be, as mentioned earlier, very dark on the other edges of the circle, and as one drifted their eyes closer to the center of the circle, the shades of these colors would become lighter and lighter. They would continue to do so until they all came to the exact center of the circle, where one would find the color of pure white. Now that the object in question has been described in full, we may move on to the ideas behind its creation.


The black that surrounds the circle is meant to represent whatever problem may be at hand. As one ventures to the outer rims of the circle, what is found are those solutions that do the least to solve the problem. They are not quite as dark as the problem itself, but only because they represent an attempt at fixing it. If it were not for the recognition of this paltry effort, they would indeed be just as dark as the problem they attempted to fix. As one continued towards the center of the circle, they would find lighter and lighter shades of all different colors, surrounding the center that is a tiny speck of white. These progressively lightening colors represent progressively better solutions. They are represented by every single color, all on different points in the circle, for there is surely not just one way to approach a problem. Rather, there are infinite ways. One way may be just as good and just as bad as another, when objectively analyzed, but may approach the problem from a completely different angle. That is why, on our circle, every single color is shown at every single shade. One may approach the problem in a certain way, and within this certain way, there are many different actual solutions to the problem that range from the ridiculous to the genius. As one gets closer to the center of the circle, one would see all different colors in their brightest shades, representing the most effective and overall best ways to solve the problem from that particular angle. Finally, we reach the purely white center. White is the combination of all colors, thus making it representative of the combination of all considerations that could be made in solving the problem. It is, quite literally, the ever so elusive perfect solution. 


But what can this circle of ours ever do to help us in our daily lives? Surely, no mere human could ever reach the perfection that is the white center of our circle, and so why should we ever strive to do so if we can only ever end in failure? It is, of course, true that imperfect beings such as ourselves could never reach this sort of perfection. However, if we do not strive for it, our solutions shall inevitably land in the darkest regions of our circle. We must take into consideration as many factors as we can, as there are always unforeseen and unintended consequences to our actions. We must always clear our minds and reach towards the center of our circle, knowing that we shall not make it, but also knowing that we can end up quite close if we put all our effort into it. It is not our place to be perfect. But, at the same time, it is also not our place to bumble around with feeble attempts to solve our problems when we have so much potential waiting to be harnessed. We must consider all that we can and approach the biggest challenges in life with a clear mind and not rush to brash or inconsiderate actions, so that we may get as close as we humanly can to the center of the circle. 

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