In the dire need for cash to pay for my vices – i.e., electric light and eating once a day – I set up an online workshop about outlining stories.
I did not believe very much it would work, but it did – I have two students, and they seem to like the way we are tackling this thing.

Screenshot from 2018-06-06 18-10-02Like all of my online workshop these days it is handled through email – I send along an exercise per day, together with the opportune documentation.

And to set up this small course, I had to put some order in my writing technique, for what it’s worth: I had to explain in plain language what usually I do when I write.
And boy does it sound interesting.
And it also seems to work!

So I am thinking of integrating the notes with some extra material (including my trademark piece about outlining Cinderella), maybe some ideas about mind maps and other tricks, and do a small handbook.
Or something.

And the “something” seems to be the way to go, because really, handbooks about outlining out there are legion.
So I’m thinking about doing a series of podcasts.
Or, as I said, something.
My vices are hard to kick.

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