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Outside Ascension: Amy Proebstel

When it comes to fantasy, I'm a tough nut to crack. As a self admitted book-snob, I struggle to find books that I just love, especially in this genre.  My all time favorite author is a master of all things fantasy, far-fetched and thrillers... Ted Dekker. I've yet to find anyone that I love as much as I love his books. 

That being said...this book was really a good read. It had very light Christian undertones (I picked up on them being raised a die-hard baptist... and former avid reader of nothing but Christian fiction until I branched out) that reminded me a little of Ted Dekker. The way he weaved a story, pulling you in, and you don't realize it until you look up and it's two in the morning.  The author here has a masterful way of creating not just one, but two worlds that suck you into them and keep you salivating for more. 

This book has that I can't put it down quality that I love, even though in parts it did start to drag a little bit. (Hey, no one is perfect, right?) The ending isn't so much a cliff hanger as it is a crap where is the next book what's going to happen!? 

I really enjoyed this book, and I will absolutely  be finishing this series.  

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