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Pack Up, Get Out, Go Back To Him

Writers Envy

It was all a mistake, I see it clear
What looked like love was really fear
Of going out on my own, alone,
I let you put me on a throne

You stuck to me like dried up sweat
Begging for what scraps you’d get
I need space and room to grow
You sucked the life from my soul

Pack up, get out, go back to him
Do it now it’s sink or swim
I am not the one you want
You’re just tired of the hunt

Don’t ask me to pay your way
Get up, get out, just don’t stay
Go back where you belong
Don’t be weak, don’t be wronged

He’s the one who has to pay
For telling you it’s his way
Get him down on his knees
Don’t give in by saying please

You beg for what he won’t give
My life is mine not yours…

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