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Pandora in Krasnojarsk

For my next story, that will be part of the Seven Lives Project, I have put together a handful of pieces, like cards in a solitaire, or pieces of a puzzle. I will start writing the story tomorrow, and work on it for the whole week, and once it’s ready (hoping it’s ready in a week) I will translate it in Italian, and post it to my patrons.
This, at least, is a plan.

But right now, these are all the pieces I have…

Krasnojarsk at the end of the 19th centuryI have a place, called Krasnojarsk, somewhere in Siberia, just north of the Mongolian border. It’s the winter of 1918, and the city is the base of the Battaglione Savoia, a highly irregular unit of the Italian army.I have a bit of obscure history, that’s the Battaglione Savoia, a bunch of Italian war prisoners from the Eastern front of the Great War, under the command of a man passing himself for an Italian officer, actually an Italian businessman that had the men uniforms tailored at his expenses, and got part of his equipment through black market resources.I have a bit of hearsay, namely that with the men of the Battaglione Savoia in Krasnojarsk served also two young women, as nurses, and that one of them was Russian, and a member of the aristocracy.I have a snippet of a song…
Pandora takes the time
To tell you stories of her past
That everybody knows just can’t be true And therefore I have a name, that is Pandora Marcinkowska, a young Polish woman, the daughter of two circus entertainers, currently serving as a nurse in Krasnojarsk. She once dreamed of being an adventuress, like Lola Montez, and this is her shot at it…And talking of shots, I have this very clear image, of a young woman with blond hair, wrapped in a great coat at least three sizes too large for her. She’s standing in the snow, and the cold turns her breath in a pale cloud. She’s holding a small cat tucked in her coat, and has a Mauser pistol in her right hand. She’s keeping off a band of men. One of them is down. He’s cursing and holding his leg. His blood is red on the white of the snow.

These are the cards that I have been dealt, and this will be the game I will have to play. And I’m really looking forward to it, because meeting Pandora will be like meeting an old friend for the very first time.

And I may as well let you hear the song in its entirety…

A perfect theme song for my new main character.

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