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Passion: Why should you develop it?

When I was a little girl, my passion was horses and riding. Fortunately, I grew up at a beautiful riding school called Sweetbrier. For me, it was a place where dreams come true. It was magical. In my case, when I wasn’t walking at nearly four-years-old, my dad took me to a specialist. Everything changed when the doctor announced I’d never walk. I still remember my dad strongly voicing his disapproval. (He told the doctor where he could go with that opinion) With that, Daddy scooped me up and stormed out of the office. What happened next?  Daddy said the doctor was flat-out wrong. Daddy decided instantly to change the course of my life. He said, “I’m going to teach you to ride and you’ll be fine.”

We started our journey in riding. It was a long one with slow progress. But we persevered. There were days when I fell off more than once, sometimes for no reason other than my legs got tired.  But in my heart, I knew it wouldn’t always be the same unless I gave up trying. But that was not an option. My sisters and I were taught “The Humphrys don’t give up.” To my best recollection, we never did.

I’m grateful every day that my parents taught me good values and the power of perseverance. Keep in mind there are many things you can change in your life. My dad never accepted anything as fact if he thought he could change it. Everyone needs dreams so don’t fear following your passion, like I did. You may become a champion.

Here is a link to a great blog about the reason you should follow your passion. It’s a great story that I think you’ll love.

copyright Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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