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Perseverance: John Henry Krueger

If you’ve been watching the Olympics in South Korea, you may know American short track speed skater, John Henry Krueger, won a silver medal in short track speed skating. During the event, several competitors fell, but John-Henry managed to avoid any of the people who crashed. When he was declared the silver medalist, he was completely stunned.  What a huge accomplishment for a young man, who is only eighteen years-old.He’d shown a great deal of perseverance during his thirteen years of training for that moment.

John-Henry’s Mom coached figure skaters, so when he was just five-years-old, she brought him to the skating rink, hoping he’d be interested in becoming a figure skater.  But John-Henry had not interest in that, or  in learning to play hockey. Both John-Henry and his brother, Cole showed a passion for speed skating. The brothers moved from their native Pennsylvania to Salt Lake City to further their training. In 2012, John-Henry earned  a reputation as a budding speed skating star. He planned to be part of the 2014 US Olympic speed skating team after winning three medals in the Junior World Championships. But something unexpected happened. John-Henry caught the Swine flu. “He could barely move,” let alone skate. When he was interviewed recently, John-Henry mentioned  everyone faces adversity, but you must keep working toward your goal. Because of the illness, he could’t compete in the Sochi Olympics.

By 2015, John-Henry proved to be back in winning condition when he took home three  medals, out of four events.  In 2016, John Henry won a bronze medal in the 1500 meter competition. It was the first medal won by a US speed skater in that event since 2014.

Hasn’t John-Henry come a long way since he was five-years-old, searching for the sport he would love? Now he’s found it and he realizes the importance of perseverance. Congratulations, John-Henry!

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