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Phantom of the Opera Challenge – Day 17

poto challenge

Well, here we are on day 17 of this challenge in honor of POTO’s 30th anniversary on Broadway.  I hope you’re enjoying the posts.

Whose part do you follow/sing when multiple people are singing?

The answer here is “it depends.”  As I mentioned in a previous post, singing a fugue is difficult.  You need to focus only on your part.  There are several fugues in this show, such as “Don Juan Triumphant” and “Prima Donna.”  Furthermore, there are several duets or ensemble pieces. As an alto, I tend to follow one of the tenor or baritone male singers, such as the managers.  I sometimes follow Madame Giry.  It just depends on the song.

Here is one of the ensemble pieces, “Notes,” as performed in the 2004 film.


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