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Poptart the hamster joined our family

Two months ago, I wrote about Lexie wanting a hamster. For weeks, she had been on her best behavior and been demonstrating how responsible she could be. But while we wanted her to be responsible for her potential pet that wasn’t our main concern or maybe I should we had three concerns – their names are Nikki, Spooky and Tails. Ok, so Tails isn’t much of a hunter, but the other two cats certainly are.

Hamsters and cats don’t mix.

We had told Lexie this, but it didn’t deter her. And with all her hard work, we couldn’t keep saying no. So, within a few days of my post on maybe getting a hamster, we did it. We let Lexie get one.

We bought her the cage from Amazon. She bounced all the way to the pet store to pick out her hamster – a Chinese Dwarf hamster – she named Poptart. She even paid for her own hamster though I bought the bedding, food and other supplies.


Lexie couldn’t wait to get her home and have her run around in her hamster ball. Even Jase was fascinated with Poptart.

But not everyone was thrilled. Nikki, Lexie’s cat, was definitely unhappy to be booted from Lexie’s room. She was used to sleeping with Lexie at night and lounging on her bed during the day. That all changed. Ever since the little hamster joined the family, Nikki has been banned from Lexie’s room. Oh, she has made it in a few times, but we have been there and as soon as she shows any interest in the hamster, she is booted from the room.

I am happy to say that Poptart is still alive 8 weeks later.

As for the newfound responsibility Lexie showed, it stayed for a few weeks and then began to wane. (See my post on the morning rush.) But she has been very good about helping clean Poptart’s cage and feeding her – especially Poptart’s favorite carrots.

Overall, I have to say that I’m glad we allowed Lexie to get a hamster. Poptart seems to be a good addition to the family. But this is it. No more animals. Three cats, two dogs and a hamster is quite enough.

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