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Raiders Of The Lost Ark: An Indiana Jones Theory

Worth a read!


The other day I was scrolling through Hulu attempting to find something to have on in the background or maybe something to actually watch. I wasn’t having much success, and then I stumbled upon a film series I’ve long adored. I will always watch Indiana Jones movies. Hell, I’ll even watch (and enjoy) the Allan Quatermain knock-offs from the mid-80s. While The Last Crusade is my favorite, watching Raiders of the Lost Ark is always a delight.

81mHWQMw7PL._RI_However, as I re-watched this film for the millionth time I came to a realization. Half of the movie is just Indiana Jones trying to pick up the pieces after making a huge miscalculation. Raiders of the Lost Ark is arguably a movie about a fuck-up.

Ok, lemme ‘splain…

Perhaps you remember several years ago, the show The Big Bang Theory offered up a contentious take on Raiders of the Lost Ark (ROTLA)…

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