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Raven Facts — 4


It is believed that ravens mate for life, after pairing up soon after attaining sexual maturity. They are even observed to use the same nest for bringing up their offspring. Some nesting ravens will drop large stones or objects on predators approaching their nest, in order to distract them. Female ravens are rather picky in choosing a mate and look for certain qualities or traits. A good mate should be capable of providing or obtaining food and be reasonably smart. But it’s not all about being a breadwinner, a good mate should have a “need for speed” trait. Indeed male ravens go all out in the quest to attract a mate. They perform amazing aerial stunts that can put even an eagle to shame. Diving, twirling mid-air, flying upside down for a distance, chasing each other, mid-air stops and starts, flying in loops, locking talons etc, are just a few acrobatic sky maneuvers that ravens perform to show off during mating season.

The Archivist — Chapter 9
A reporter goes home to save her dad's ailing news...

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