The initial thought behind the writing of Holy Death was imagining a victim of child sex abuse taking the law into his own hands and dealing out retribution, and wondering what would happen after that.

One complicating factor I decided to include was having two victims of the same perpetrator take action independently on the same night, using very different methodologies.

One takes direct action and murders the abuser priest. The other takes a more indirect approach and kills the abuser’s closest friend, another priest, hoping to inflict a sense of the loss he has suffered.

You can imagine the frustration of that indirect actor when he learns that his intended victim has been murdered, and his torment when he realizes he’s murdered someone for no good reason – but you’ll have to read to the end to see how he handles that.

DI West and his team, including new member DC Lisa Templar, tasked with solving the murders, tangle with the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church as they delve into the past of each victim – one regarded as a living saint and the other a retired bishop.

We are all parts of intersecting stories, and the villains in a murder mystery are no different. If you’ve read any of the other books in this series, you’ll know nothing is a simple as it seems at the start.

The complications and intrigue in Holy Death come from a second story of revenge that ensnares the priest killer and involves another ongoing investigation led by DI Reid. And, of course, some of the bad guys do bad things to each other, which in this case leads to a massacre behind the Merlin Nightclub and a lonely death in a warehouse.

There’s also a nice little story that puts a real twist on the concept of ‘being screwed’ that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Computer technology, a wonder tool for both police and criminals, gets a starring role in Holy Death. It enables one lot of bad guys to steal the hard earned cash of another set, and it allows DI West and his team to work out who did it.

This story has an international flavour, with the villains behind the Merlin Massacre being arrested at St Pancras International Station in London. And, computer technology has a part in facilitating their capture as well.

And, there are plenty of details for those who want to know what the team are up to after hours.

Holy Death has a depth of story that will keep you entertained for hours. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Love to hear what you think about it.

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