The Holiday came from me wondering what would happen if an old man and a young boy took off for the weekend without telling anyone, in the hope that their action would bring the boy’s parents back together, and then everything goes wrong.

To help things go wrong, I gave the old man, Kieran Moore, a dark history that puts his great-grandson, Toby, in danger through being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kieran gets killed. Toby gets kidnapped because he’s a kid and Kieran’s killers can’t bring themselves to kill a ten-year-old boy. This storyline ultimately leads to Clare’s story, which we will come back to in a minute.

Carl West and his team are called in to investigate Kieran’s murder while the local police search for the missing Toby. You get to know a lot more about Carl West and his relationship with Nina Strong in The Holiday, and go along for the ride as he faces a major crisis when he nearly loses Nina. You also get to know more about DC Harry Fuller, who has a bigger role in this story.

The police investigation gets complicated when Kieran’s son, Sean, also turns up dead but that’s what makes a police procedural intriguing. At least, that’s how I see it.

To keep things interesting, the story has several interconnected threads. You experience how Toby’s extended family copes with his disappearance and apparent kidnapping, you discover what’s happening to Toby, and you get to follow along with Inspector West’s investigation and witness the developments in his relationship with Nina.

Then, there’s Clare’s story.

Clare is one of the bad guys but she falls in love with Toby and her story changes to one of redemption, although you may not agree with the way she decides to redeem herself. At least she does something good for Toby.

The action Clare takes puts the bad guy, who is responsible for the murders of Kieran and Sean, under the spotlight and allows Carl and his team to pull all of the threads together, after an apparently unrelated death gives them the last bit of evidence that connects the bad guy to Kieran.

I like the ending but it’s not what most people expect.

What do you think about the way The Holiday ends?

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