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Reading, writing, waiting

So we are now back to Orange Alert, and it seems that we will not be flooded after all. We spent the night and the best part of the morning in the danger zone, but the levees have held, and while the Belbo is very high, the worst is over. There’s been a few landslides, the road we followed in our microadventure a few weeks back is now completely flooded, but there’s been no serious damage to people or property.
We had a few brownouts during the early morning hours, but now we’re fine.

We spent most of the time taking turns in bed, and reading or writing.

I’ve added about 2000 words to my new story – the one featuring Pandora Marchincowska, that is likely to turn into a novelette and that I need to finish by the 30th – and I’ve finished reading a novel, started and finished a novella, and I’m currently reading a beautiful book about coral reefs.

I will tell you more about the books I read in the next post.

Meanwhile, two of my stories have been rejected (it happens), and I’ve started outlining my next submission.

Life goes on, no matter what the river does.

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