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Release of the NovelRank Stalker

Today is release day for Alex's Return. Today is also the day the NovelRank Stalker, retired for a few years, is reborn. I don't know about other authors, but as calm as I try to be on release day, whether it's an anthology of short stories, or like this one, a full length novel (in romance terms), it never works out that way. Several years ago, I discovered a website called NovelRank and very quickly became addicted on release day and whenever my fellow authors had new releases. According to the website, NovelRank is the best free resource for authors to track the sales rank of their print and ebooks on Amazon with charting, sales estimates, RSS feeds and more. You can add your book with just the Amazon URL and the site will tell you your Amazon ranking across all domains (.com, .uk, etc). It's a useful tool, among others that I'll be blogging about in coming days, but you can become obsessed, especially if it's your very first release. Today, I won't be abstaining from stalking NovelRank, but I will checking in a little less than I have with previous books. Why? For my own sanity and because I'm older and wiser? Who am I kidding? I'll be having the site open and the F5 key on my keyboard will be a little more worn by the end of the day - refresh, refresh, refresh! Check out the Novel Rank to see how it works and catch them on Twitter @novelrank. And while you're there, see how Alex's Return is doing. Let me know on Twitter @tashatayls Take care, Tx
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