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Reposting from Twitter: Some Brief Thoughts on Awards

download“Ghosts of Tupelo” earned this ribbon in the WordWeavers competition

Hi, everyone. Yesterday, I created a thread on Twitter that I never imagined would be necessary. Here’s what I wrote:

#ProTip to my #WritingCommunity peeps: don’t say you’ve won awards if you haven’t. You’d think this would go without saying, right? Well, today I saw a fellow author here on Twitter tell someone that “95 percent of people just put ‘award winning author’ in their bio whether or not it’s true, so just go ahead and say it.” This is such ludicrously bad advice that I don’t even know where to start. I asked him for a source for his assertion, and then he claimed that “a lot of people have told me that.” This is, of course, not a source … and it’s also most likely untrue.

Don’t lie in your bio, friends. If you have an award for your work, be proud of it … but don’t make false claims.

If you want awards, you have to be willing to put your work out there. Do your homework. Some awards require outside nomination. Some awards require you to submit your work and provide a reading fee.

Look. I’ve received a few awards … and I was also a judge in the historical fiction category of the Global eBook Awards. It’s hard work to do the judging properly, and it’s not just “politics and hot air,” as another author claimed. (I suspect that a couple of people were airing their bitterness, but that’s a story for another time).

If you are looking for a list of awards that accept #indieauthors, start here. It’s always better to try and come out empty-handed (which has happened to me plenty of times) than to lie.

Deciding to lie about your accomplishments just makes you look like a person of low integrity rather than someone clever … or whose books I would ever want to read.

You will find some of my award badges on the home page of this blog, or a complete listing in the “Awards and Honors” page of my static website.

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