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Researching Egyptian Art for Fun and Profit

And talking about courses…
Today I decided that Dutch is not the language for me. I tried it on both Duolingo and in a MOOC from Futurelearn, and in the end I surrendered. I can’t make it.
Not at this time.
A pity, really, but I’ll save it for the summer to give it another go.

On the other hand, I am about to start a 30-hours introductory course on ancient Egyptian art – because enrolling in an online course is still the best way to research a novel.
And a course on Egyptian art will help me with both the current AMARNA project and the Corsair story I am preparing for early next year.


The course is offered for free by the Open University in collaboration with the British Museum, and I’ll also get me a certificate of participation in the end.
What’s not to like about this?

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