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Sample Saturday: “Down on the Corner of Love”

DOTCOLHi, everyone.  I’m still working on repurposing my short story project.  I came up with a concept I’m calling “Story Pockets,” which will be short and inexpensive eBooks containing a few stories based on a theme. Today’s sample is from the title tale for one of those books.  As these are still works in progress, the final version may differ from what you see here.

When Jo Cooper introduced himself to me in the laundromat (“I’m Jo, no E.”), he seemed like an elfin version of Oscar Wilde. His blonde curls hung in a riot around his face, and his pink ruffled shirt set off his coloring perfectly. He was barely taller than me, and chattered a mile a minute. He then told me which apartment he lived in and asked if he could borrow some of my fabric softener. I handed over the jug, and he poured a capful into a washer full of colorful clothes.

As for me, I was swearing like a stevedore. Despite having consumed my quarters and dimes, the washer had not started. Jo gave the recalcitrant machine a sharp kick and it began to fill.

We were in the basement laundry room of our Cole Street apartment building. My hair was tied back with a thick, purple hank of yarn that didn’t quite match my sleeveless, mock turtleneck shell and coordinating pedal pushers. I was also wearing a horrible pale lipstick. Revlon’s Silver City Pink, to be precise; a color that Jo says really only looks good on the sisters. Against my pale skin, it was almost sickly. Fashionable, but sickly. I could almost hear Jo “tut-tutting” my outfit as he looked me up and down over the rims of his wire-rimmed granny glasses. Not that I blamed him.

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